Your French-inspired, minimalist 4-week online course to thriving through the holidays, your health, and life!

Wellness Noël Course

You wish that someone could wave a magic wand and make your holidays merry, peace-filled, and healthy.
​Because when you are FULLY yourself, you know you have SO much more to give to those you love!

​You've reached the place to make a true, lasting, and positive difference your life.
While it WILL take some work on your end, trust me when I say... it will be FUN, MINIMAL, LOVELY, and BRIGHT.
​This is your abiding space to come be still and unwind in the striving hustle of the season.
A place to find the true spirit and magic in your life again!

WELCOME my beautiful friend!

This course is officially closed!!! 

Please check back soon for updates.

Throughout the holiday season and moving into the New Year, you always feel the same.... blah, bloated, exhausted, drained, overwhelmed, and your pants begin to feel like the Grinch's heart - two sizes too small.




You have your holiday game plan down... for the most part. That is until the in-laws arrive and have to quarantine with you, your kid forgot they need an angel costume for the play.... tomorrow and the cat just knocked over your Christmas tree. Fa-la-la-la-ahhhhhh. So instead of feeling confident, merry and bright, you feel you like your boundaries just got run over by a reindeer.

You have things ready, prepped, wrapped, and and anddd... you just can't seem to relax. The smells of fake pumpkin spice candles give you a perpetual headache and you just feel like if you had even a LITTLE moment of time to breathe and just be... you would glow like the star on top of the tree. But it really takes too much energy, and then you feel guilty.... and the anxious, negative thoughts spiral downward...

You are feeling completely overwhelmed and run down by the current situation of our country, from COVID restrictions, and shopping and visiting with friends... all the while trying to stay positive and healthy. You love the holidays, but the stress, mentally and physically wreaks havoc on your immune system and you feel like hibernating from it all.





You want to be your best self: thriving, energetic, healthy, and confident while going out in public with a 'je ne sais quoi' glow.

You don't have any extra time to waste, but you know how valuable it is to take time for yourself each week to grow and learn. By doing that it allows you to show up with love and serve others joyfully.
You are struggling to maintain your autoimmune disorder in the stress, even happy-stress, of the season!


This holiday season, I will give myself the gift of time, simplicity, health, peace, support, and joy.

​I am a gift and I recognize that by taking care of myself, I can give more abundantly to those I love!

You are overwhelmed and anxious on how to self-care, and just need a check list and someone to walk beside you on the the journey.

You just wish Covid would be gone and not worrying about the health of yourself and others as you go to all these celebrations.

You are looking for a community who is like-minded: goal setters, dream makers, go getters, and want to be their healthiest, free, thriving self so that they can shine your 'je ne sais quoi' light in the world.... that ONLY you can shine! 

I'm here to be your guide and guru to journey with you. I'll provide simple, easy-to-implement healthy tools to help you feel AND look your best thriving self! 

Let's be honest, 2020 has been an incredibly hard year for all of us. So here's a gift of peace and joy from me to you!!!

Oh, and want to give the BEST gift to all your gal pals that will have them thanking you for years to come? Add an extra course or two to your cart when you sign up, and give it as an early Christmas present!

Stop the stress, anxiety, fatigue, and overwhelm this holiday season


Stop the holiday cookie hangover **while learning how to treat yourself**

Stop overstepping your personal boundaries to please others

Stop feeling out of control in regards to your health and wellness goals

I'm ready to get started!

Finish the checkout process for The Wellness Noël Course!

Wait for your "Welcome to the Family" email (if you are having trouble finding it, search for it in your spam or promotional folders and move it to your general inbox! It might also be with the email associated with your PayPal account!). This email will include instructions on - how to join the private 'Wellness Noël' Facebook group! (Note: FB group will open a few days prior to course start date, November 16th!)

Follow me on IG (if you don't already!!) to receive updates, affirmations, recipes, and so much more! 

Set aside time each week that is non-negotiable when the course starts. Tell your family/friends/anyone who needs to know, that this is your time!

Get ready to shine so bright you could be the star on top of the tree... because you'll have the energy, strength, peace, and boundaries to know who you are, what you can give, and how you can serve others! 

What else you need to know...

Brief weekly Q&A hot seat sessions, where you can submit your questions prior to the facebook live and I'll answer them as I go!
Value: $149

Weekly recipes that are clean, nutritious takes on beloved holiday classics!
Value: $54

My gift to you: Course + Bonuses = $1,250.....

BONUS TIME!!! My gifts to you!

Your price: $27!!!

Marie is a Holistic & Integrative Wellness Expert and Coach who specializes in helping struggling women gain optimal results and reach their health and wellness goals.

Through her private-practice, Marie has helped women all over the world feel, look, and be the amazing person they were created to be! She has a special passion for helping women heal their hormones/infertility, gain control of their autoimmune disorders, reach their weight-loss goals, and learn how to thrive in whatever situation they are thrown into! ...aka 2020....
Because when you look and feel your best, YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Hey there! I'm Marie...

This course is not about dieting or deprivation. 
Instead, we focus on delicious whole foods and learning how to eat intuitively for your body’s own unique needs! 
Our biochemistry varies greatly from person-to-person, so as a holistic nutritionist, I refrain from one specific diet plan.
Again, the goal is to find yummy whole foods that help YOUR unique and beautiful body truly thrive!! 

Is this a specific diet plan?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. This is due to the nature of the course and how much content will be covered.
If you are unable to start on Nov. 16th, the course will be open until the end of the year (2020) for you to start when you can!
This year has been extra hard on a lot of us. So, this is my way to give back to YOU this special holiday season. 

Are there refunds?

Other than the 15 min FB live (it will be recorded if you miss it!) every Monday morning, there are no specific time requirements. 
I will make suggestions for you to do each week, but they will require minimal time involvment.
But, I will say that the more time you put into this, the MORE you will benefit and receive!!!

How much time will it take each week?

There is absolutely nothing required other than the initial sign-up fee. 
Various supplement/herbal suggestions may be mentioned throughout the course, but they are not required. They will merely be a helpful suggestion for you! 

Last time I did something like this I had to spend a ton on supplements. Is there any of that involved?

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you've got them

a vibrant energy that radiates out to those you love

a confidence in knowing that you are doing your best to support your health, mind, and body

people to ask what you're doing differently, because you are simply glowing.... "Oh, you know... it's je ne sais quoi."




more calm and at peace

motivated and confident 

energized and grounded

excited to go into the holiday season, thinking, "Hey, I TOTALLY got this and ready to rock-around-the-clock!!!"

My gift to you....Valued at: $1,250....


4-week online course

Your price: $27.00

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